Injunction to Prevent Dating Violence under 784.046

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Rape is the common name for sexual assault. The fact is, a rape charge or even an accusation will directly affect your personal and professional life. Date rape is frequently defined as nonconsensual sexual contact during a voluntary social engagement where the victim did not intend on sexual contact and resisted it.

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He did say, however, there could be a potential conflict of interest down the road, but it could be handled by the defendant, Dennis L. Wolter, signing a waiver form. Wolter, charged in the May 26 slaying of his year-old girlfriend, Kori Fredericksen, signed the waiver Friday. The waiver means he agrees to not take issue with the romantic relationship between his attorney, Bob Yoseph, and Vancouver police officer Jane Easter, formerly a major crimes detective.

The form does not protect the state when the case is resolved, meaning Wolter, 43, could still raise the issue on appeal. Easter testified during the hearing that she worked as a Vancouver police major crimes detective from to the end of , handling mainly property crimes. She said she assisted in investigating about half the homicides in the city in that time. Now a patrol officer, Easter had a very small role in the murder investigation: She received a phone call from a bank employee who had information about Wolter.

She said that after a three or four-minute phone call, she forwarded the information on to a detective sergeant.

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This type of violent behavior can occur between heterosexual or same-sex couples. Sometimes, the terms are used interchangeably. However, domestic violence usually refers to an individual committing or threatening to commit violence against another family or household member. The term is broadly used because a household or family member can include:.

Stechschulte Nell criminal defense attorneys are experienced with sex crimes like date rape or child porn possession. Call us before you talk to the police.

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Romance frauds include the vow of intimate love or companionship, but find yourself causing loss when it comes to individual who is scammed. Romance frauds typically include getting cash or any other items of value through false pretenses. Trust is gained by pretending become a possible partner that is romantic.

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Dating violence is defined as violence between people who have or previously have had a significant, continuing romantic or intimate relationship. Generally, dating must have occurred for at least six months and have been characterized by an expectation of sexual involvement or affection between the people. If someone is requesting an injunction to prevent dating violence against you, you should retain an experienced St.

Petersburg injunction lawyer. A violation of an injunction can result in criminal penalties, making it important to fight the court’s imposition of the injunction. At Hanlon Law, we are ready to guard the rights of the accused. A prerequisite to obtaining this type of injunction is a significant, continuing relationship that is either intimate or romantic, or both.

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Tampa criminal defense lawyer Ben Stechschulte is a former criminal prosecutor. Just as important, our Tampa, FL criminal and DUI defense law firm understands that you are a human being with a job and family, plans and dreams. We see you as a person, not a criminal, and we strive to mitigate the consequences of an all-too-human lapse in judgment. Let us help you stop a bad situation from derailing your future. Being accused of a sex crime at the state or federal level can be enough to damage your career, relationships, and reputation.

A sex crime conviction is even more devastating, as the penalties for sex crimes are harsh and can include long jail time as well as required registration as a sex offender, a designation that can stick with you from 25 years to life.

Were you arrested for date rape in the greater Palm Beach County area? It is in your best interest to contact the West Palm Beach criminal defense attorneys at.

When many people think of domestic violence they think of violence or abuse between spouses or couples who have children in common. This is not always the case. Florida law recognizes a type of domestic violence called dating violence. Dating violence is considered any violence between persons who have or had a continuing relationship of a significant or intimate nature. Victims of dating violence are entitled to the same protections as victims of general domestic violence, including an injunction or protection order.

A conviction for violation of a dating violence injunction has serious criminal consequences, including jail time and steep fines. If you have been accused of dating violence or domestic violence, it is imperative to contact an experienced Pinellas County dating violence attorney immediately. Violation of a dating violence protection order could have serious criminal consequences and should not be faced alone.

The experienced dating violence injunction lawyers of Morris Law Firm, P. Contact Morris Law Firm, P. According to Florida Statute Chapter

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If you are accused of dating violence, immediately talk to a criminal lawyer. The lawyer will be able to advise you of your rights and available.

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