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OK, so it’s a big crowded singles bar. People are grinding up on each other like it’s a high school dance, like it is just shameless and fun and a little sloppy. And it’s a meat market. I like it because it’s shameless. Someone will always hit on you. That’s like, why I come here. So, lots of pick ups, lots of ghosting afterwards.

35 Podcasts You Should Be Listening to in 2019

The word podcast has by now become completely untethered from its namesake—the iPod. Analytics that were once uncapturable have become fairly comprehensive downloads from Apple Podcasts surpassed 50 billion this year and specific Chicago streams more podcasts on Spotify than any other U. Recipes for how to create a decent series were invented through trial and error, and thousands of producers now understand what makes our ears stand up: cults, cold cases, politics, feminism, and relationships, but most of all: stories.

Last year, S-Town blew our minds by taking a novelistic approach to its fascinating characters, plot, and setting. This year, playwrights and journalists came out from behind the page in droves.

Their podcast is called “Dating When the World is Gonna End,” and each Here are resources and all our coverage at CapRadio and NPR.

We have a new show! It’s Baltimore, Hae Min Lee, a popular high-school senior, disappears after school one day. Six weeks later detectives arrest her classmate and ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, for her murder. He says he’s innocent – though he can’t exactly remember what he was doing on that January afternoon. But someone can. A classmate at Woodlawn High School says she knows where Adnan was. Friends say Adnan was sad when Hae dumped him, but not crazy sad – normal sad. The prosecutors say he was rage-filled and vengeful.

Which is it? Three weeks after Hae goes missing, a man discovers her body in the middle of a city forest.

Yale Cancer Answers Podcast

And that threatens to alter the terrain for NPR for years to come. The dip in radio listenership — 22 percent — has coincided with a record number of people turning to NPR on virtually every other platform. In total, 57 million listen or watch or read NPR content each week, up 10 percent from this time last year. In , for the first time, NPR will make more money from underwriting on podcasts than from its radio shows.

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Spring is supposed to be romantic — enjoying long dinners on the patio at your corner cafe, introducing your new beau to friends at an outdoor concert, holding hands on an evening stroll … except coronavirus. So, none of that is happening. And yet, people are still seeking love and connection. But finding love right now feels kind of like the Wild West. And for those maintaining a relationship during the pandemic, scroll down! Nimarta Narang lives in Los Angeles and is a sporadic user of the dating app Hinge.

She says she has a bad habit of logging in, making a few matches and then forgetting about the app for a month or two. A lot of time to, like, catch up! Image is an undeniable aspect of virtual dating. Is it OK to do the best you can with what you have with items at home? Moore acknowledges it might sound sappy, but this is also an opportunity to embrace a more authentic version of yourself. Chelsey Smith met a guy online at the beginning of the pandemic.

Moore says you can get a good idea of chemistry through a video chat.

Answering Your Coronavirus Questions: Giving Back, Online Dating And Mexico

The U. In an email to reporters, a U. To leave the organization, the U. As of June 30, the U.

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I love all of these podcasts, even though I identify most with one Enneagram type over the others, so ultimately, these recommendations are great for just about anyone. A podcast I recommend everyone listen to is the New York Times series Still, I find it useful to categorize how one might gravitate to a certain genre of podcasts depending on their personality—and I hope you will, too!

Kumail and his wife are so honest and open about the fears and anxieties of living through a pandemic, particularly when one is immunocompromised, and for those who feel emotionally drained or simply strained by these times, this podcast offers reassurance, guidance, and laughs. The Achiever is that friend who decided to start a business during quarantine. This podcast, by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, is a longer-form podcast, every episode ranging from minutes, roughly. But this allows Dr. Chatterjee to speak to his interviewees at length and really pick their brain on their way of seeing the world.

The 50 Best Podcasts of 2018

Listen in as Rick shares a few thoughts about travel during this time of concern over the Covid coronavirus. Explore the traditions of Scotland in a special studio concert with folk musicians Jim and Susie Malcolm. We’ll also look at some of the quirkier festivals you can find in England. And we’ll get you ready to cruise the inland back roads of California and the Pacific Northwest, in search of farm stands, scenic parks, and gentle touches of Americana.

Making Scottish Music.

Woman 1. I would describe my dating life as a series of infrequent one night stands. Dan delivered his apology last year, in , on his podcast, Harmontown. That’s in a minute from Chicago Public Radio when our program continues.

Sam Sanders. Anjuli Sastry. Jordana Hochman. An AFP journalist holds his phone showing the dating application Bumble. What happens to romance — when a coronavirus pandemic stops the world? Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble report the length of user conversations and and number of messages have both gone up since shelter-in-place orders went into effect.

Sam digs into love in the time of the coronavirus outbreak with Lane Moore, comedian and host of Tinder Live , who talks about the trials of online dating right now. Head to Life Kit for more tips on online dating and maintaining a relationship during a global pandemic. Anjuli Sastry produced and Jordana Hochman edited this episode for broadcast. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player.

Inside Operation Warp Speed

Her presentation is: Polarized: Covering A Divided America, examining the disconnect between Washington and the nation and how journalists can help bridge this gap. You can purchase tickets online below. In addition to politics, McCammon has a special interest in science and health journalism and frequently reports on abortion and reproductive health in her current role. McCammon is a native of Kansas City, Mo.

Sam hears listener stories and expert tips on virtual dating and a dating and relationship coach and host of the podcast Dates & Mates with.

From WAMU. Listen on Apple Podcasts. Laura talks with writer Sophy Burnham, who offers romance insights based on her decades of personal experience. Then Laura gets relationship advice from Leora Hoffman, an attorney-turned- matchmaker who built her business while finding a partner for herself. Listeners phone in with their own advice about love before Laura speaks with marriage and family therapist Katherine Woodward Thomas. Like the show on Facebook and follow Laura Stassi on Twitter.

Contact Laura with your stories and questions at datingwhilegray wamu. Laura talks with Rev. Joani Peacock, who made a personal discovery around the time her marriage ended.

Love And Coronavirus

No one is immune to relationship problems, dating confusion , or sex issues. And while a therapist who can offer personalized advice is usually the move, not everyone has the time or resources. No worries, though. When you can’t quite figure out how to tell your partner you’re feeling suffocated , that you’d like to discuss their mother moving out of your house, that you’re not, in fact, ready to get married this the year, or you simply need a little reassurance that you’re keeping your relationship as healthy as you can, there’s likely a podcast to address your deepest concerns and burning curiosities.

Just as teens are starting to explore romance and relationships, an estimated one in three say they’ve experienced some kind of.

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Best friends since the first grade, Nevada County natives Anabella Funk and Amelia Coffin are back in their hometown due to the coronavirus pandemic. With more than enough free time at their disposal, the pair decided to collaborate on a new comedy project promoting authentic connections and relationships during isolation. Their podcast is called “Dating When the World is Gonna End,” and each week a guest is invited on to share their personal experiences. We talk with Funk today about the podcast and her experience during the crisis.

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Podcast Upfront is an invitation only event, for brand marketers and agency executives. If you are a media buyer and would like to attend, please click the “request a invite” button. Request an Invite. IAB Podcast Upfront has gone virtual! The event has expanded into three days of exciting digital audio content, where media buyers will preview the latest in podcast programming from the biggest names in the digital audio arena. The event will educate and raise awareness around the power of podcasts, which have been one of the most resilient platforms during the pandemic, both from a brand safety and listenership perspective.

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