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Traditional, only about 3 years and off and on for about 8 years. Mad Dog Prairie Predator with a Thunderhorn quiver. Favorite product you are using right now? What hobbies other than archery do you have? We stand by all of our products with percent commitment to quality and customer service. We are archers making the finest equipment for archers. I have many, but if I had to highlight one it would be Giuseppe Seimandi. An acquaintance invited me to try it 13 years ago and since then I have not left it. Do you have any superstitions when shooting? I just try to enjoy every shot.

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Ancient bow-and-arrow technology dating back some 48, years has been discovered in a Sri Lankan cave, making it the oldest evidence of archery to be found in this part of the world. Ornamental beads, tools to fashion clothes, and projectile points for bows and arrows have been unearthed at Fa-Hien Lena, a cave in southwest Sri Lanka. At a maximum age of 48, years old, this evidence for bow and arrow technology is the oldest ever found in South Asia, and possibly across all of Eurasia.

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The bow and arrow are two of the oldest tools known to humans, dating back to the Stone Age. To some archery is considered a lifetime sport.

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Jump to navigation. Archery is one of the oldest arts still practised today. Although archery probably dates back to the Stone Age — around 20,BC — the earliest people known to have regularly used bows and arrows were the Ancient Egyptians, who adopted archery around 3,BC for hunting and warfare. A war chariot of that time carried a three-man team, a driver, a lancer and an archer.

During the Zhou Chou Dynasty that followed — BC — nobles at court attended archery tournaments that were accompanied my music and interspersed with entertainment.

The sport of Archery has become very popular in American culture in the past few There have been many bows found dating back to this time in European.

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By Ian-Spiegel Blum. Archery is one of the most ancient sports in the history of the world, with artifacts dating archers all the way back to the late Paleolithic era. Today, archers continue the long tradition of hunting and shooting for sport.

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Over the next 16 weeks I want to take you through some tips, tricks and fun facts to best your archery knowledge and skills to get you ready for the thrill of a lifetime. Archery has been debated to date back to the Stone Age around 20,BC but the earliest archeological finds were in Egypt around 5, years ago. The Egyptians used archery for hunting and warfare. The first bows were made by joining antelope horns with a piece of wood in the center. Strings were made from animal sinew or plant fibers and the arrows were shaped of reed and tipped with flint or hardwood.

Later in time the tips were cast of bronze.

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Archery is a sport where an individual attempts to shoot an arrow with a bow towards a target placed at varying distances away. Originally invented for hunting and war, the bow and arrow originate back to the Paleolithic era. Today, archery is practiced and preformed competitively in amateur and olympic settings, where individuals shoot and score based on the distance and accuracy of the shot.

Archery has been practiced by mankind for over 25, years (as revealed by carbon dating of early cave drawings). While early usage was mostly for hunting​.

The sport of Archery has become very popular in American culture in the past few years. This is largely due to many of the movies such as the Hunger Games where the sport was a key component of the film. Few however know the history of archery and how it has arrived to where it is today. The first know use of bows and arrows for any purpose is dated as far back as the Stone Age, or more specifically the late Paleolithic era.

There have been many bows found dating back to this time in European countries such as Denmark. At this time, bows and arrows were used typically by hunter and gather societies. This was often the most effective way to take down an animal, and was the most effective way of hunting for centuries to come. Not long after societies began to use them for military purposes. Many of the most successful armies in earlier centuries such as Persian, Japanese and even Roman armies were successful because of the large amount of archers in their military.

It was not until the last few centuries that this use of bow and arrows had become almost extinct.

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